About us

About SAVE Volunteering


Background and aim of the organisation 

SAVE volunteering was first established in 2006 by Carla Ferreira. Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Carla realised that many local communities, pre-schools and schools were unable to provide effective programs due to lack of funding, resources and skill levels. With the assistance of volunteers, these shortcomings were addressed, and SAVE grew into a large organisation which now assists several communities across five countries in Africa. Our flagship projects in Cape Town have grown exponentially, and we now run eight highly successful projects where these challenges are being addressed daily.

Our objectives and goals

We aim to operate sustainable community projects that develop the local community. Our goal is to achieve this through:

  • Supporting education and training (computer literacy, swimming, dance, sport, etc.)
  • Renovations and building projects that uplift the community
  • School and classroom assistance
  • Assisting other non-­profit organisations (NPOs) on projects
  • Assisting conservation projects in the preservation of wildlife

Our vision statement

Our vision is to see all educational programs, youth development, sports and skills development serving local communities receiving the assistance they need to strive. We wish to see conservation projects in Southern African countries receiving the recognition, funding and human resources required to reach their goals. We intend to bridge the gap between the economic polarities in South Africa by providing local NGOs with the tools needed to deliver a better level of education to their students. To bring new skills to a community that otherwise would not have access to them and provide disadvantaged children with the skills and knowledge to create a future for themselves, their family and ultimately, their community. 

Our achievements and success'

  • Assisted the teachers within 9 pre-schools for 950 children
  • Maths and English literacy programs with 400 kids in the primary school
  • Started four vegetable gardens
  • Started a computer school with computers donated from volunteers
  • Taught 300 children to swim and 80 children to surf
  • Taught computer literacy to 800 children
  • Run yearly events such as Christmas parties, Easter celebrations, cooking competitions and youth days
  • Help to feed over 400 children 2 meals every day Taught 180 children to skateboard

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What we Do

Our Services


SAVE Volunteering will book your accommodation for the duration of your volunteer project

Project booking

We will book your place on the project of your selection for you and advise on appropriate dates


Transportation will be arranged for you, with trusted drivers, where included in your package

Travel and tour booking

If you wish to do any site seeing or travel during your time(before, after or during) with us, we will be happy to organise that for you

Local Assistance

During your program, there will be 24 hour assistance on site available 7 days a week

Project Facilitation

Where the project is run by SAVE Foundation, our SAVE staff members will facilitate your project