Malawi Teaching and Sports Project

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Malawi Teaching and Sports Project

In most cases, children in Malawi start primary school at the age of 6 years old. At the moment a preschool system is non existent. This means that for children under the age of 6 there is little access to any form of education. There are several private nursery schools throughout the country, mostly located in large towns or cities. However, parents have to pay for their children to attend, and most of them cannot afford this. 

A number of rural communities have set up groups to provide children basic care and an education. These groups are run by local volunteers. However, in most cases they are under qualified, understaffed and the resources at these groups are very low. 

Volunteers provide vital support by improving the level of education and helping the current teachers improve their English and way of teaching. 

Through sports and activities the children learn English through fun and engaging ways.

Details about the project

What's included

Upon arrival you will be collected from the airport and driven to your project accommodation where you will be settled in and given your introductions. You will receive transport to and from your project every day.


24 hour support and supervision 


Room share with other volunteers

Food & Beverages

Two meals a day, coffee & tea included

Details about the project

Malawi Teaching and Sports project details

  • Arrival Day: Monday 

    Arrival Time: Anytime before 2PM

    Airport: Lilongwe Airport (LLW)

    Departure Day: Monday 

    Departure time: +- 11AM – 1PM

    Min + Max Duration: 4 Weeks+ 


    Any arrivals outside of the specified dates and times will result in extra charges due to being outside of the pick up and drop off schedule from Lilongwe and the project location.

As a volunteer on the teaching and sports project, you will be supporting the teachers by assisting them in one of the local primary schools. On occasion volunteers with teaching experience can be placed in one of the community secondary schools. 

Volunteers contribute massively to improving the children’s’ education. You may also have the opportunity to teach adult education classes, which provide necessary skills development to rural communities. Furthermore, as part of the project’s initiative to integrate IT to local schools and communities, you can help teachers develop and improve their computer skills. 

In the mornings volunteers will assist teachers with the curriculum subjects, including English, Maths and Sciences. Most days you will finish teaching in the morning between 11:00 and 12:00 and have a lunch break back at the volunteer house during the hottest part of the day. 

In the afternoons you will organise and run sports activities and coaching sessions, including sports like football, netball, volleyball and rounders. Volunteers that are with the project for a longer period of time will have the opportunity to organise sports matches or mini-tournaments for the children, or even with a neighbouring school or village teams. 

Football and Netball 

In Malawi, football is the most popular sport for boys and netball is the most popular sport for girls. Existing teams in these sports usually meet every afternoon to train or play matches. As a volunteer your role will be to work alongside the local team coach or teacher (if there is one) and assist them with: 

  • Warm ups and drills 
  • Ball Skills and game play 
  • General fitness – speed, stamina, balance and coordination 
  • Cool down and stretches 
  • Basic nutritional and hygiene advice 

The involvement of volunteers encourages more children to participate in sport and the training sessions. This is very important regarding their health and fitness, personal development, such as learning team skills, and involving them in a positive activity in their free time. 

Additional sports that you may coach or get involved in include volleyball, cricket, or swimming. We try to encourage new sports, so if you have a particular sport in mind that you would like to coach feel free to let the project know. However, we ask volunteers to be patient, as these sports are not played as commonly in Malawi. 

Sports sessions are a lot of fun and can be very rewarding. Please keep in mind there is only basic sports equipment and due to the climate, conditions and everyday use the teams are always in need of new items, especially balls. If you would like to and are able to bring a football or sports equipment, it will be very much appreciated by us and the children! 

You will work a full day between 8am – 5pm including a lunch break. Your days will be dependent on your experience and everyday may change from one day to the next.

Project tasks may sometimes seem repetitive – but your efforts will make a huge difference. Enjoy the project locations, your fellow team members, and the fact that you are helping to make a difference in the education levels of children that will benefit them in later years. Know that through your efforts, many children who would otherwise have had nowhere to go during the day are in a safe and loving environment.

Please note that from time to time there can be unavoidable changes to projects. These can be caused by weather, conservation priorities, materials supply, or because ongoing projects have progressed more quickly or slowly than originally planned. We ask you to accept the changes – we are sure that you will enjoy the replacement projects just as much.

  • Fully completed application form, medical history form & motivation form, with acceptance from the project 
  • Police clearance / Background check 
  • Basic level of competency in English 
  • Copy of return flight itinerary 
  • Medium level of fitness

Volunteers will stay in a comfortable, shared house in a rural village in the Mangochi District. The volunteer house is located on the shores of the stunning Lake Malawi. The area in which volunteers are based (and Malawi in general) is very safe. The house is, however, fenced and gated for additional security and privacy. 

The bedrooms in the volunteer house are large shared rooms, generally with single or bunk beds. Mosquito nets are provided and the rooms either have en-suite facilities, or an adjacent bathroom. The bathrooms all consist of western style flush toilets and showers.


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