Wild Cat Project

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Wild Cat Project

The project is located in the well-known Free State province, which borders the Northern Cape. The predator farm is situated only 30 km from the historical town of Kimberley, on the National Road (the N8). The farm is home to an abundance of animals; we are a home to 35 predators and 3 monkeys and 2 capution monkies : 18 lions, 2 caracals, 2 servals, 2 African wild Cats, 2 black backed jackals, and 9 bat-eared foxes.These animals are taken in to be cared for because of various reasons; some cannot live in the wild on their own if they are sick or were abandoned, and many are rescued from unethical processes like canned hunting and breeding for tourism purposes. When it is possible, we strive to release our animals back into the wild where they can live freely without any human interaction.

The centre was founded in 2010 by the Burger family when Chriszanne and Nicol Burger adopted 2 animals from a project where they previously work. These animals were moved to the centre and cared for by the Burger family. This action was the foundation for the continued conservation and rehabilitation work that takes place at the Centre. Around this time, the Burger family learned about Canned Hunting (a method of hunting in which an animal is kept in a confined area-such as a fenced enclosure-to vastly increase the likelihood of the hunter obtaining a kill for trophy purposes), which sparked the desire to work towards the eradication of this process and rescue African cats from hazardous environments.

Details about the project

What's included

During your two week Wild Cat Project you will be collected and dropped off at the airport, you will receive a 2 day Johannesburg orientation with included walking tour as well as transport to your project location. During the project there will be transport arranged for you to go shopping in town for any necessities or snacks. 24 hour support and supervision. There is a laundry service available and you will be given two t-shirts for volunteer work.


24 hour support and supervision 


Shared room with other volunteers on project site

Food & Beverages

Three meals a day, coffee & tea included

Details about the project

Wild Cat Project details

  • Arrival Day – Saturday
  • Time – Your flight can land anytime on Saturday 
  • Airport – O R Tambo International Airport ( or Lanseria)
  • Orientation – Saturday – Sunday
  • Project Starts – Monday. You will be transported to the bus station in Johannesburg to catch the shuttle bus to the project site. Alternatively, you can fly from JNB – KIM to skip the shuttle at your own expense. 
  • Departure Day – Monday
  • Departure time – You MUST take a late evening flight out of JNB, as the shuttle from Kimberley will only arrive in JNB in the late afternoon. Alternatively, you can fly from KIM – JNB if you wish to skip the shuttle at your own expense.
  • Min Age: 18 
  • Max Age:  N/A – Medium Level of fitness required
  • NOTE: You can also be collected at any hotel or place of accommodation on your arrival day, should it be within close radius of the city center or Airport

Volunteers are involved in the daily run of the wild cat centre. These tasks vary from meat preparation, cleaning of enclosures and stimulation of animals. As a non-profit, family run farm they also facilitate tours of the farm to local visitors. Volunteers will be able to assist with these visits and even work within the curio shop. There are various projects which aim to improve the farm and well-being of the animals. The projects continuously change depending on the needs of the animals and farm at the time.

There are two different types of work on the farm:  

Daily routine: Cleaning the enclosures & farm, feeding the animals, maintaining the enclosures, etc. 

Projects: Various projects that aim to improve the farm and well-being of the animals. The projects at Felidae continuously change depending on the needs of the animals and farm at the time. 

Duties that do not directly interact with the animals are still crucial to their well-being. General maintenance and cleaning of the grounds (for example: cutting grass to ensure there are no ticks, fleas, snakes, and spiders, and poop scooping); are regular tasks on the farm for the health and safety of all the animals in our care. 

As a volunteer, you will be able to experience each of the various jobs on the farm;  tasks are rotated among the volunteers to ensure each person has an opportunity to both help with farm maintenance and interact with the animals equally.  

An early wake-up at 07:00am

Breakfast with the team

Discussion of daily events and duties

During the course of the day you can be involved in tours, preparing food, working in the enclosures, nursing sick animals, and so on

Lunch hour

Free time to do your laundry, taking a nap, spending time with other volunteers, or even helping in the preparation of an evening function

Dinner will be a nice warm meal.

Just before bedtime, a quick check-in on the cats, making sure everyone is settled

End the day with a well-deserved sleep

Please note that from time to time there can be unavoidable changes to projects. These can be caused by weather, conservation priorities, materials supply, or because ongoing projects have progressed more quickly or slowly than originally planned. We ask you to accept the changes – we are sure that you will enjoy the replacement projects just as much.

  • Completed application form 
  • Basic level of competency in English 
  • Copy of return flight itinerary 
  • Medium level of fitness

Volunteers will stay in a volunteers house (1 – 4 or1 – 6 people per room) including its own kitchen facilities, bathroom, and bedroom. The accommodation has recently been upgraded. 

  • All linen will be provided. 
  • The volunteer house is between the enclosures and the main-house, and is safe and secure. 
  • Swimming pool is available. 
  • No visitors are permitted to enter the property unless permitted by the project leader 



Activity level


Education level


Involvement level


Independence level

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